DriveWizard Plus

Engineering Tool DriveWizard Plus for 1000 Series Inverter Drives: Manage the unique settings for all your drives right on your PC.

DriveWizard Vers. 10

Powerful Tool for GA500 and GA700 offline/online parameter and drive configuration. Used for set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting offering parameter editing, storing and file comparison as well as online trending using the highly functional oscilloscope feature.

DriveWorksEZ®-Application Template Database
Use the templates contained in this database to understand DriveWorksEZ concepts and reduce the development time for your projects.

DriveWorksEZ® for GA500, GA700, and 1000 Series Drives

DriveWorksEZ® Version 10 is the intuitive graphical programming environment for GA500, GA700, and 1000 Series drives. Create customized functions for your application in the shortest time by dragging and dropping function blocks. The simulation mode supports offline testing. Projects from version 5.XX can be imported as well.

GA500 GA700 Programming Simulator

Simulator program providing keypad simulator to help familiarize oneself with the drive keypad navigation. Provides basic drive functionality support.

Multi-protocol firmware for inverter communication card JOHB-SMP3

The Multi-Protocol Ethernet option card (JOHB-SMP3) is a single circuit board option card for Yaskawa AC drives that contains multiple industrial Ethernet protocols. You can use a series of configuration switches on the circuit board to select the correct protocol for your application.

The table below shows the correspondence between Package Firmware Number and Protocol Firmware Version

Package Firmware No.

Protocol Firmware Version

Modbus TCP














SISTEMA (Inverter)

Evaluation Tool for Machine Safety, YASKAWA Drives & Motion Library Version 2.2.0 for SISTEMA

Yaskawa Drive Cloud
Access the Yaskawa Drive Cloud to generate a free license for the Standard version of DriveWorksEZ Version 10, which is limited to 20 connections. For a DriveWorksEZ Professional license please contact your Yaskawa representative.